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European Academy of Paediatrics - EAP 2017 Congress and MasterCourse
October 12-15, 2017 | Ljubljana, Slovenia
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The forthcoming European Academy of Paediatrics Congress and MasterCourse (EAP 2017) offers a variety of sessions in 30 key paediatrics areas. Delegates will have the opportunity to meet an international distinguished faculty and share their research in front of hundreds of Paediatricians, Researchers and Key Opinion Leaders.
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EAP 2017 Sneak Preview
Infectious Clues to Primary Immunodeficiencies
Professor Andrew Cant

Professor Cant has practiced medicine for 36 years. In 1990, he was appointed as a Consultant in Newcastle, UK, to set up 1 of 2 national referral centres for the treatment of children with severe immunological disorders, and a regional paediatric infectious diseases service. The service has grown and the Unit is now recognised as a world leader for radical curative treatments for childhood immune disorders.
Meet Professor Andrew Cant

What is New?
  • Genetic diagnostic advances reveal new conditions which have features of immunodeficiency, autoimmunity, autoinflammation and an increased susceptibility to malignancy.
What are the Learning Objectives?
  • To recognise unusual infectious agents that point to an immune disorder;
  • To realise the importance of family history and a low lymphocyte count in infants;
  • To remember the infectious agents associated with specific immune disorders;
  • To appreciate the importance of failure to thrive and the need for iv antibiotics as pointers to immune disorders;
  • To understand that in the post pneumococcal and meningococcal era, invasive infections with these organisms should prompt investigation for an immune disorder.
Intracranial Infections
Dr. Marieke Emonts

Consultant Paediatric Infectious Diseases and Immunology
Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer
Great North Children’s Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Foundation Trust
Institute of Cellular Medicine, Newcastle University
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Meet Dr. Marieke Emonts
What is New?
  • Recognizing presentation of intracranial infection: it is not always as straightforward as you might think.
  • Potential for (partial) oral treatment, experience in a cohort of patients.
  • Prophylaxis after HSV encephalitis, how and how long.
What are the Learning Objectives?
  • Recognizing symptoms of intracranial infections, outcome using different treatment strategies and a practical approach to treatment and prophylaxis, what else to think of, using case based discussions.
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