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European Academy of Paediatrics - EAP 2017 Congress and MasterCourse
October 12-15, 2017 | Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Dermatology for the Primary Care Paediatrician

Dr. Talia Kakourou

Consultant pediatric dermatologist
First Pediatric Department, Athens University
Aghia Sophia Children’s Hospital,
Athens, Greece

What's New?

Diaper dermatitis is amongst the most common dermatoses seen by the primary care paediatrician and it encompasses any inflammatory skin eruption that develops in the area covered by the diaper.
Irritant Contact Diaper Dermatitis (ICDD) is by far the most prevalent form of diaper dermatitis, though a plethora of other diseases can present in the diaper area.
This presentation will focus on the aetiopathogenesis, clinical presentation and management of ICDD. Additionally, a practical differential diagnosis between ICDD and other dermatoses of the diaper area will be performed, including seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, bacterial and viral infections, infestations, metabolic disorders, immunodeficiencies and malignancy.
What are the Learning Objectives?

Following this presentation, participants will be familiar with the aetiopathogenesis, clinical manifestations management of irritant contact diaper dermatitis (ICDD). Participants will also be able to differentiate ICDD from other dermatoses in the diaper area, bringing into focus those cases, where early recognition and management is crucial for the patient.
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