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European Academy of Paediatrics - EAP 2017 Congress and MasterCourse
October 12-15, 2017 | Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Listen to Up-To-The-Minute Science:
WHO-EAP Session
X-rays for Imaging Children:
How Much Do We Know about Benefits and Risks?

Prof.Dr. Erich Sorantin

Acting Head Div. of Paediatric Radiology
Department of Radiology
Medical University Graz, Austria

What is New?

Prof.Dr. Erich Sorantin will present new insights into how radiation acts on the DNA, including the role of Iodine as well as new insights into Gadolinium deposition in the body. Both are today's burning questions in paediatric imaging.
What are the Learning Objectives?
  • What are the today's most common used procedures in children utilizing ionizing radiation.
  • Radiation burden of different imaging modalities and procedures.
  • Alternatives and advanced techniques of imaging and post-processing.
  • Why Paediatric Radiology is essential in paediatric care.
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